Rewards! Rewards! Rewards!

We are looking for ways to improve our rewards and motivations for students and we have been asking them for their input and thoughts to include relevant and interesting ideas.  Mrs Henton who facilitates the Student Council and school Prefects tells us what has been going on:

Student Council and Prefects have led on a questionnaire asking our student body their opinion on what types of rewards our students might appreciate and what the criteria could be around who receives these.

This is an opportunity for our students to have a direct say into improving our behaviour system. We asked students in an online survey over a couple of weeks and they replied in numbers, with over a third of the students participating.  There were suggestions and questions about the types of rewards students could vote for include pin badges, merits, field passes, prize drawers to a festival on the field to name a few.

On the suggestions of specific rewards, respondents were asked to rate the idea from ‘Not for me’ to ‘Great idea’ giving a good indication of how popular each idea was.  Although the initial response from many students about who should receive these rewards was ‘me,’ unpicking the results showed a large majority voted for merits/demerits to give a total number of points.

Student Council and Prefects will now use these results to work with Vice Principal Mr Bennett to look at the rewards calendar in preparation for the next academic year.

Mrs S Henton