Subject Overview

Geography is a popular and successful subject at the Heart of England School. We believe that all students should be encouraged to develop an interest and understanding of the world in which we live and in doing so we aim to improve our students’ geographical skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. This is a successful GCSE course in which students study a range of topical geographical concepts. Both physical and human geography topics are studied to provide students with a well rounded geographical education in which they can develop skills and understanding essential for future success in a range of careers.

Syllabuses (Course Outline and Structure)

The two year course includes two main themes. In each theme a range of different places and topics are studied, all of which look at people and the environment in which we live. The themes are:

  • Living with the physical environment

This includes weather hazards, climate change, coasts, rivers and glaciation, ecosystems and extreme environments.

  • Challenges of the human environment

This includes urban change and development in different countries as well as water, food and energy supplies.

glacierYou will also learn geographical skills, complete a geographical enquiry using evidence collected from a fieldwork visit and be able to apply your geographical understanding to new situations.

Your work will be assessed by final exams through three examination papers in Year 11:

  • Living with the physical environment (35%)
  • Challenges of the human environment (35%)
  • Geographical applications (30%)

Entry Requirements and Prohibited Options

A love of Geography and a genuine interest in the world around you!

Activities and Trips

cityscapeThere will be two main day trip across the year which enable students to engage in geographical enquiry. They will be examined on their understanding of hypothesis setting, testing and analysis.

Complementary Subject Combinations and Enrichment Activities

A genuine interest in the world around you is a must – knowledge of current affairs will help put your studies into context.

Subject Resources

Schemes of Work