Subject Overview

Good ICT skills are an essential part of work now; they are an integral part of most jobs and increase your chances of employment.

We aim to ensure that every student has the opportunity to practise their skills relating to ICT during KS3 in the main areas of word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

Syllabuses (Course Outline and Structure)

Years 7 and 8

ICT is embedded into our Computer Science lessons.

Year 9

Students who are only studying one foreign language are enabled to study extra ICT. This means that they get to practise and improve their ICT skills in word processing, spreadsheets and databases. We also spend some time working on image manipulation and exploring the relationship between hardware in a machine (e.g. RAM) and the response time of the machine when loaded with software..

At KS4 all current students follow the Edexcel specification which can be found at qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/ict-2010.html. This expires in June 2018 so we will not be recruiting students to it in 2016-2017. We are currently looking for a replacement course of a vocational nature for those students who wish to continue their studies.
We do not offer a KS5 option.

Entry Requirements and Prohibited Options

All vocational courses consist of both exams and non exam assessments. Any student wishing to study this subject at KS4 needs to be able to demonstrate self-motivation and good time management skills.

Complementary Subject Combinations and Enrichment Activities

ICT complements all subjects and is a necessary skill for work.


Schemes of Work

We provide an overview of the year’s work for all students of our subject on the Library drive in the Computing folder.

Please bear in mind that this in not a fixed schedule. It can be adjusted as required in order to best support the students of the class.

Past Papers

Past papers are an invaluable aid to revision and exam success, as are examiners reports (they are full of handy tips, but are often overlooked during revision).

For the Edexcel course they can be found on:

There is also a past paper search tool on:

Please note that the ICT exam papers from different exam boards are not easily related to each other.

Courses References

We supply all material required in school.

Useful Links

  • The site: TeachIT has a wealth of information for GCSE ICT