Dress Code

As a member of our Sixth Form, you are granted privileges not afforded to students lower down the school, most significant of which is no formal uniform. However, we do have expectations in the form of a Dress Code which you are expected to adhere to.

The following offers guidance on what we would consider to be appropriate or otherwise.

The Sixth Form Tutors are always happy to offer fashion advice!


  • Sensible footwear, sensible height of heels


  • Jeans or smart trousers
  • No low rise jeans
  • No rips in jeans
  • No tracksuit or jogging bottoms, unless you take A-level PE and then only on days when practical lessons take place


  • Males and females can wear shorts in the summer but these should be knee-length.


  • Patterns/logos on t-shirts must not be offensive, obtrusive or garish
  • Hoodies are allowed, but hoods should not be worn up in any of the school buildings
  • No low cut tops
  • No midriff showing
  • All tops should have backs
  • No see-through tops – bras should not be seen
  • No football or equivalent shirts


  • Suitable length
  • If short please wear opaque tights


  • Same rules as tops and skirts – no low cut dresses. Please be careful in the summer that dresses have backs and are not low cut


  • No hats should be worn indoors

Download a copy of the dress code here.