Subject Overview

At Heart of England, Mathematics is recognised both as an independent subject and also a vital set of life skills. As a core subject, Maths supports many aspects of the curriculum and is essential for progression into Post-16 and higher education, as well as many career paths.

Syllabuses (Course Outline and Structure)

Over two years, students will cover the requirements for GCSE Mathematics. We are following the new Pearson Edexcel syllabus (course code 1MA01) which is a linear course with no controlled assessment elements.

Entry Requirements and Prohibited Options

GCSE Mathematics is compulsory for all students. There are two tiers of entry; Foundation (which covers grades 5 to 1) and Higher (which covers grades 9 to 4). Tier of entry will normally be determined at the start of Year 10, with review during the GCSE course.

Activities and Trips

There are no compulsory trips or activities as part of the GCSE.

Subject Resources

Schemes of Work

Overviews of the Pearson Edexcel Higher and Foundation schemes of learning are available here:

Past Papers

Past papers are an excellent revision tool in the run up to Year 11 mock exams and thereafter. We do not advise working through many papers during Year 10, as there is a large amount of the syllabus still to be covered and so full papers are of limited benefit. Students will, instead, gain experience with GCSE-style questions through assessments and end-of-year exams on a selective basis

Several printed sets of specimen and practice papers, at either Higher or Foundation level, will be available to Year 11 students, with the first set released for the October half term.

The following websites provide a wealth of support materials:

Provides topic based resources by grade with videos, worksheets and solutions all focused on exam materials.  Further, past exam papers can be downloaded with full worked solutions.

  • Interactive resources aimed at developing GCSE skills and progress
  • Provides resources based by topic with full videos and worksheets (with solutions) to support progress
  • A database full of videos for each topic across all tiers

Useful Links

The maths department have created a Pre-GCSE Skills Booklet, designed for students about to enter Year 10 and covering the key maths skills that will be required prior to starting the GCSE course. GCSE students may find it useful to review these skills prior to assessments. In addition, links have been provided to some good sites that support GCSE revision.