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Learning an instrument has been shown to have a huge impact on pupils academic and personal development. In an age of screen time and time online taking 15-20minutes a day to practice an instrument has a positive impact on pupils mental health. This also enable pupils to access additional opportunities of performing as part of an ensemble either in school or outside the school day.

Our instrument lessons are provided by Solihull Music Service. Pupils have the choice of a wide range of instruments and can choose from a 20 minute lesson (Recommended for beginners) or 30 minutes. There is sometimes the option of a group lesson which reduces the cost but relies on another pupil on the same instrument at the same level being available to share with. Pupils can make a decision to work towards exams or play for enjoyment. Any pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium can be assisted with the cost of instrumental lesson please contact Mrs Henton, Curriculum Lead for Music:

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Why Should I Consider Music Lessons for my Child?