The School Day

At Heart of England we have five periods of lessons, two breaks and a tutor session every day. For most of the year the timetable for each day looks like this:

    • 08:55: Start
    •   08:55 – 09:20: Tutor Time 
    •   09:20 – 10:20: Period 1 
    •   10:20 – 11:20: Period 2 
    •   11:20 – 11:45: Break 
    •   11:45 – 12:45: Period 3 
    •   12:45 – 13:45: Period 4 
    •   13:45 – 14:25: Lunch 
    •   14:25 – 15:25: Period 5 
    • 15:25: Finish

At the start of the day a bell sounds at 08:50 which is five minutes before tutor time starts. You are expected to be in your tutor room by the time the second bell sounds at 08:55. You should aways go promptly to your lesson when the bells sound or it is time for lesson change.

Mostly different lessons occur in each single period. Sometimes, some Sixth Form and some Key Stage 4 lessons occur over two periods (a double).


For a few weeks a year we adopt an exams timetable when GCSEs and A Levels are being taken. The time slots are all the same but they can be is a slightly different order. There are still five lessons, two breaks and a tutor session each day. An example of this might be that lunch is moved earlier and that there may be two lessons/periods after lunch. School always begins and ends at the same time.