Governance Overview

Academy Governance

Heart of England School is governed by a Board of Trustees accountable to the Department for Education.

The trustees are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the trust; its educational provision and performance; and its financial health. As company directors and charity trustees they are bound by the requirements of both company and charity law.

The Trust Board is also supported by a Board of Members which oversees the effectiveness of the Trust Board in delivering its objectives. The Trust Board meets with and reports to the Board of Members at least annually.

The Trust Board itself meets every half-term and is advised by five committees which focus on specific key strategic areas.  The Finance, Quality of Education and Welfare & Safeguarding Committees meet half-termly, with the Audit and People Committees meeting termly.

The Trust has established terms of reference which set out the delegation of operational responsibilities to the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team for the day-to-day running of the academy; as well as the purpose, objectives and outputs for the trust board and each of the committees, together with any delegation of responsibility to these committees.

The Trust’s Articles of Association describes how trustees and members are appointed.

2023-24 Governance Structure


2023-24 Committee Membership