Creating Futures

Your child’s happiness and future are central to our vision. Our school has a clear sense of educational direction and believes everyone has the potential to excel. We have one standard – the best imaginable.

The current educational landscape is one of swift change and uncertainty. We hold true to the educational principle of a broad and balanced curriculum and are well equipped to harness the freedoms and opportunities that lie ahead. Our new key stage three program of study is rigorous and lays deeper foundations upon which to build success at GCSE and A Level. Our pastoral support system is rooted in progress and our deep commitment that no child is invisible at Heart of England.

We offer a rich extra-curricular experience. Our excellent sports, drama, music, dance and media facilities add depth and diversity to our community; broadening our students’ cultural knowledge and preparing them for their future destinations.

Our mission is to educate with intent. Our staff leave nothing to chance when it comes to your child’s learning and collectively work hard in the belief that education should be exceptional every day.

Welcome to Heart of England – the design room of futures.