Product Design

Subject Overview

Being able to design the world in which we live has got to be one of the most challenging, yet interesting, jobs there is. Without designers seeing problems and finding creative solutions to them, making our lives easier and more enjoyable, we would live in a very different world.

Studying GCSE Product Design is the first step to becoming one of those creative individuals! The course is structured so that students can develop their own interests as well as learning new skills and knowledge. Students will be given a variety of design and make projects that fulfil a real need. They will be expected to use a range of materials and processes that allow them to make realistic, usable products. Students will also learn about the theory of design, materials and processes to help them enhance their practical skills and to develop their knowledge of Design and Technology.

GCSE Product Design workGCSE Product Design work

Syllabuses (Course Outline and Structure)

Year 10

GCSE Product Design workThroughout Year 10 students will be asked to complete a variety of design and make tasks. They will be set a brief and then will be expected to carry out meaningful research before designing and making a good quality product. Students will work in wood, metal, plastic, card and paper, as well as using CAD/ CAM and a wide variety of tools and equipment.

Students will also have theory lessons where they will look at topics such as design movements, materials and processes, sustainability, ergonomics, design methodology and consumer issues.

Year 11

During this year students will be concentrating on completing the controlled assessment part of the course, as well as getting ready for the final exam in the summer.

GCSE Product Design workControlled assessment: This is worth 60% of the final grade. Students will be given a design brief from the exam board and will be expected to produce a design folio and a piece of practical work. The design folio will consist of research, specification, designs, development, planning and an evaluation. The practical work can be made from wood, metal or plastic, or a combination of materials. It is likely that students will need to make packaging for the product, showcasing the graphical skills that they have.

At the end of Year 11, there is the final year exam. This is worth 40% of the final grade and will test the student’s knowledge of the theory side of the course.

Entry Requirements and Prohibited Options

Students are only able to study one Design and Technology subject, Food and Nutrition, Product Design or Textiles Technology.

Expected Costs

Students will be expected to provide their own A3 folder and basic graphics equipment. There may be a cost for materials depending on the projects set.

Subject Resources

Past Papers

There are a wide variety of past papers online for students to use to test their knowledge. It is useful for students to use these papers to help them understand the layout and style of questions that they will receive.

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