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Students have started their own newspaper and published their first edition.  Titled Student Voice the paper is full of news, features and puzzles, all written and produced by the students.  Here, two of our writers, Su and Jess tell us about the club:

Student Voice first edition

In our newspaper club we aim to create an environment where students can compose ideas and share thoughts.  We want to help build students’ communication skills and work as a team to produce a commendable piece of work each issue.

Within the club we already have a community who feel comfortable to socialize with everyone and share their common interests.  Every Friday lunchtime the team meet in M126 to discuss with one another news and articles they want to publish for the Student Voice and we work together over a short few weeks to produce the next edition.

The club is very friendly and relaxed and you can eat lunch and bring friends along with you if you feel like you have some good ideas to contribute.  Within the club there are opportunities to extend your knowledge of how a newspaper works and learn criteria for difference roles.  Jobs such as layout, editor, journalist and chief are all roles to be explored and implemented.

To join the club, you don’t have to be an amazingly talented writer.  You can come for the thrill and immerse yourself in other specialities such as photography and design/layout of the newspaper.  You could also come and may learn about different things you couldn’t in lessons such as building teamwork and friendships.  This is a fun and useful experience for future careers, interests and opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Su and Jess
Student Voice News


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