Pastoral Support

Heart of England School has established a dedicated Pastoral Team to support the students during their time with us.  Steve Hawkes, Assistant Principal for Conduct and Welfare leads up the Pastoral office with each house having a dedicated Pastoral Manager. Mr Hawkes is also one of the schools Designated Safeguard Leads.

  • Pioneer Pastoral Manager Ms Rowanne Lee
  • Apollo Pastoral Manager Mr Edouard Baynes Clarke
  • Voyager Pastoral Manager Mrs Sam Lydster
  • Phoenix Pastoral Manager Mrs Leanne Holdgate

The Pastoral team is supported by:

  • Office Manager Mrs Fellows
  • ASD lead & support Ms Hubery
  • Receptionist and Administration Mrs Chauhan
  • Year 7 Manager Katherine Yates
  • Pastoral Inclusion Manager Mrs Green
  • Welfare Officer Mrs Abbott.

Pastoral also work very closely with the Special Educational Needs Department. It provides an effective line of continued communication both for the student and for parents.

Pastoral work in a solution focused manner enabling our students to confidently carry out their work and social activities here in school.

Practical and emotional support is provided for issues affecting our students, whilst at the same time supporting them to be able to draw on, or even strengthen, their own resilience.

Pastoral Managers can council students experiencing anxiety, self-esteem levels, medical issues and friendship concerns. Parents can contact the Pastoral manager for anything they feel is adversely affecting their child.

Our zero tolerance policy towards intimidating or bullying behaviours is enforced through the Pastoral office with strong support and collaboration with parents.

We also provide access to the following support for our students where needed

  • School Nurse Drop-in sessions.
  • Positivity and Mindfulness coaching.
  • Bereavement counselling.
  • Solution focused resilience coaching support for child.
  • Referrals to the Social Emotional & Mental Health Team.
  • External referrals to support agencies such as Engage Solar & CAMHs.
  • Engage workshops and assemblies within school.

Pastoral support aims to promote the kinds of behaviours that are valued by the school and the community. We are committed to dealing with all behaviour incidents to the best of our ability and work with both students and families in a sensitive approach.

In providing this provision, the aim put simply is to enable our students to continue to thrive whilst achieving their potential.

The Assistant Principal: Conduct and Welfare is Mr Steve Hawkes who oversees the Pastoral Support team and their facilities.