Curriculum and Assessment

Welcome to the Key Stage 3 Assessment Area

These pages aim to keep you informed about the summative assessments your child will complete and when in each subject. Summative assessments are designed to help staff identify which students are underperforming and produce a % mark. Summative assessments aid the Academic Managers and Curriculum Leaders to recognise progress over the academic year.

This is a live document. The document will change as we move through the academic year to keep you informed of what topics will be on the summative assessments. Outlined on these pages are suggested resources and websites that can be accessed at home to prepare your child for their summative assessments.

Parent/Carers will be notified by email when a change is made to these pages.

If you have any specific questions about your child’s progress in a subject, please contact the relevant subject teacher directly, through Insight.

Any questions about your child’s overall progress, across subjects, please contact the relevant Academic Manager.

Mr. Haston
Assistant Principal: Key Stage 3