Sixth Form: Further Mathematics

Subject Overview

Further Mathematics A level extends your mathematical problem solving skills even further, covering topics that are in some cases entirely abstract such as imaginary numbers – what does happen when you square root a negative number? – and hyperbolic functions – what can you do with the trigonometric functions if you just change one little bit? Further Maths is a varied and interesting topic and for those with a particular aptitude for it, it can lead to some quite interesting discoveries, for example:

  • Why does e + 1 = 0?

Entry Requirements

  • A Grade 7 or higher in Maths plus a pass at the entry level maths test.  (Further maths can only be taken alongside Maths)

Syllabus (Course Outline and Structure)

Students will study for the AQA A level Further Mathematics course (code 7367).  This is a two year linear course with three terminal exam papers.

Activities and trips

We have no mandatory trips or activities in Maths, although throughout the two years there may be the opportunity to take part in activities, such as revision days and team challenges, run by the ‘Further Maths Network’ based at Warwick University, with whom we have been cultivating links over the last few years.
This would incur a small cost, usually of between £10 and £30 dependent on the type of activity, and may involve students arranging their own transport to and from the University.

Expected Costs

Other than the cost of the activities that we may run with the ‘Further Maths Network’ there are no expected costs associated with the Maths A Level. Students will have free access to online copies of the course textbook. There are no mandatory excursions and the only equipment they are required to have (other than the usual contents of a pencil case) is a new scientific calculator, the Casio ClassWiz.

Complementary Subject Combinations and Enrichment Activities

A number of subjects combine well with Further Mathematics at A Level. Common combinations include Physics and Computing.

Schemes of Work

Past Papers

Useful Links (internal and external)

Links to a selection of good sites that support A-level preparation and revision are provided below.

Other information

Further Maths A Level will support students who go on to study a wide range of different subjects at University or in other forms of Higher Education, the more obvious ones being Maths, Science and Engineering. It’s logical thinking and problem solving based structure make it a qualification that can pick students ‘out of the crowd’ in the eyes of many Universities and employers, even in non-Maths based courses or industries.