Sixth Form: Law

Subject Overview

Law is an excellent qualification for a wide range of university courses, most notably law itself.  As well as being an excellent preparation for higher education it is seen as beneficial for those considering a career in the police, the financial sector, teaching and of course, the legal profession.  There will be opportunities to see the local criminal courts in action and to debate current legal issues with guest speakers from the College of Law.

Entry Requirements

  • Grade 5 or higher in English Language or Literature is required

It is essential that you enjoy reading and have strong essay writing skills.  You do not need to have studied law previously or even want to be a lawyer; what matters is having a curiosity about how law affects our daily lives. The course requires you to learn and apply cases and legislation so a good memory and the ability and confidence to take exams is vital.

Syllabus (Course Outline and Structure)

  • Exam Board: AQA

English legal system

  • The criminal courts and the role of magistrates and jury in criminal trials
  • Judicial Precedent and Statutory Interpretation
  • Delegated Legislation, including Local Council made laws
  • Legal personnel including judges, barristers, solicitors and legal executives.

Criminal law

  • Offences of assault, battery, ABH and GBH together with general defences such as intoxication and insanity.
  • The offences of murder, manslaughter and defences of loss of control and diminished responsibility
  • Offences against property, including theft and robbery and defence of duress

Civil law

  • Liability for injury to people and damage to property, including economic loss
  • Topics such as nuisance, vicarious liability and medical negligence
  • The law of contract, including offers and invitations to treat, remedies in contract law


The assessment is based entirely on timed written examinations – A Level Law does not have a coursework element. The course is based on 3 exams which have a variety of questions including multiple choice, short answer questions and extended questions which will test knowledge and application of the law relating to both civil and criminal matters.

Activities and trips

If there are a sufficient number of students interested, an educational trip to Strasbourg to visit various European Parliamentary and legal institutions may be organised. Students will be provided with guidance on the correct etiquette to visit the Magistrates, Crown and County courts.

Expected Costs

Students will be expected to purchase a textbook, revision aids and folders.

Complementary Subject Combinations and Enrichment Activities

A Level Law works well with all other A-Level subjects.

Subject Resources

Useful Textbooks:

AQA Law for AS/A2 Jacqueline Martin, Hodder & Stoughton. COURSE TEXT you will be expected to purchase this book

Useful Links:

Careers and Higher Education Opportunities

This subject is appropriate for those intending to study the Social Sciences post A Level at University.  Our experience indicates that a variety of employers in both the private and public sectors value the qualification.

Other Information

Course Leader: Mr Mahmood