School Bus Services

Transport Services: Heart of England School

Many of our students catch a bus to school each day. Bus services cover a wide area, including Hampton in Arden, Meriden and certain areas of Coventry. Bus Services to Heart of England School are operated by the following companies and the most up to date information can be found on their websites. Students travelling from Marston Green will need to access train services to Berkswell Station.

Ridley’s Coaches: 180, 181 and 184

We have appointed Ridley’s Coaches to run our three bus services from Coventry to school, please see routes below.  The cost of a bus pass for the 2022-2023 academic year is £500.  Current students will be invited to purchase their pass for the Autumn term during June 2022.

New Year 7 students – please email us on by 22 June 2022 if you want to apply for a pass for your child on either of these three routes.  Please specify your child’s name and which bus service you require.  We will add the cost of the first term’s pass to each student’s Parentpay account in September.  Passes will be handed out to students on their first day of school in September.


Downloadable Versions of Routes

Claribels Services now run by Meadway Coaches

Claribels have now gone into receivership and all buses have been cancelled so this is now run by Meadway Coaches.

Contact details for the 182/183 on Meadway should be direct to Solihull council via

Routes and timetables for the 182 and 183 services are available on the following links:

Diamond Buses

Routes and timetable for the 89 public service.

Bus Passes and Transport Assistance

For students who live within the Solihull Metropolitan Borough to qualify for travel assistance the child must meet all of criteria 1, 2 and 3:

  1. The child must live permanently in Solihull
  2. The child must be attending a suitable qualifying school
  3. The child must be of compulsory school age and either (4) or (5)
  4. The child must live more than the statutory walking distance from their suitable qualifying school
  5. The child lives under the statutory walking distance and cannot reasonably be expected to walk to the school, even when accompanied, because of their special educational need, disability or mobility problems (subject to assessment of need.)

All enquiries should initially be sent to:

  • School Transport, Council House, Manor Road Solihull, B91 3QB. 0121 704 6610.

More comprehensive information and an application form can be found at:

  • Help with travelling to school: (Solihull Council Website)

Students not entitled to a free bus pass may purchase a bus pass from Heart of England School.


High standards of behaviour are expected at all times to ensure safety when students are travelling on buses.  We know that most of you behave well on the journey to and from school, but sometimes the behaviour of a few can make the journey unpleasant or dangerous for others. Action will be taken to support and discipline students who choose to ignore our non-negotiables in school or off site.

The behaviour of students will be monitored by the bus driver and any unacceptable behaviour will be reported to the school, this may result in disciplinary measures such as restrictions being placed on the student and their use of use of school transport.

In severe cases to ensure everyone’s safety, a student may be banned from using the school bus. In this instance parents/carers would need to make alternative transport arrangements.

To ensure that everyone stays safe the following behaviours should be adhered to:

  • Arrive at the bus stop in time and wait safely
  • Keep the bus tidy by taking your litter home with you
  • Be polite to the driver and do not do anything to distract him/her
  • Stay in your seat and keep noise to a minimum
  • Look after your belongings and don’t forget to take all of your belongings with you when you get off the bus

End of School Day

At 3.25pm, the end of each school day, students using buses should assemble on the school yard where they will be supervised by staff.  Students will be released in an orderly manner as their bus arrives.  If a student misses the bus the school will take steps to ensure that they are transported home safely, which may initially involve students making a phone call to parents.  Students are not allowed to leave the premises if they miss their bus, without first consulting with Mr Hawkws or their Pastoral Manager.

Please note that all information is correct at time of going to press.

Updated: 13.05.2022