The Philosophy of Homework at Heart of England

The purpose of this document is to share our philosophy of homework at Heart of England. Our philosophy is specific to our students and our school. The creation of our philosophy has involved the consultation of teachers, students and parents.


Homework is an important part of life at Heart of England. It allows your child to consolidate and deepen knowledge and skills and prepare for work to come. The regular completion of homework will develop skills and habits that will allow your child to be successful in the future.

Recording of Homework

All homework set by teachers will be recorded on INSIGHT. Homework can be written in KS3 planners however, it is not compulsory. If you are having problems connecting to the internet or INSIGHT school should be informed via a letter or phone call. Non completion of homework due to internet connection issues will not be accepted as a reason for non completion unless the school has been informed. To check if homework has been set please check your child’s INSIGHT account.

How often will homework be set?

Homework should only be set when it is purposeful and relevant. We do not have a homework timetable. Homework will be set regularly and checked that your child has completed their work to the best of their ability. When homework is set, it is at the discretion of the class teacher. They have the knowledge of when it is relevant to set homework and an understanding of the type of homework that should be set in order to help your child make the best possible progress.

What happens if Homework is not completed?

If a student does not complete homework parents/carers will receive an email from the Curriculum Leader of the subject area, informing them that homework has not been completed and is required to be completed by the next lesson or specified date. The consequence of consistent non-completion of homework is that your child’s learning and progress is impaired. We would request your support in helping your child complete homework to the best of their ability.

Teacher’s responsibilities with homework

  • Set regular homework that is meaningful, purposeful and relevant
  • Differentiated homework
  • Strategies for revision and retrieval of information are taught in lessons and practiced through homework
  • Completion of homework is monitored
  • Non completion of homework is communicated with parents/carers
  • Give students the opportunity to have a choice of how to present their homework
  • Encourage completion of homework and give praise and recognition of homework being completed
  • Ensure students understand the purpose of homework
  • Provide stretch and challenge through homework for more able students

Pupil’s responsibilities with homework

  • Making full use of the opportunities they are presented with
  • Tackling homework tasks promptly and with a positive attitude
  • Taking pride in presentation and content. Completing homework to the best of their ability
  • Meeting homework deadlines. No excuses
  • Understanding that by not completing homework they are having a detrimental effect of their learning and progress
  • Show perseverance and determination in completing homework

Parent’s responsibilities with homework

  • Provide suitable quiet surroundings for children to work at home
  • Ensure that homework is completed by checking INSIGHT regularly
  • Encourage your child to persevere with set tasks giving support if necessary
  • Ensuring the standard of homework is high in content and presentation
  • Keeping the school informed of any changes in the child’s circumstances which may affect their learning
  • Ensure homework is completed if an email has been received for non-completion of homework
  • Ensure that your child has the appropriate equipment in order to complete their homework