Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator is: Kiran Chauhan-Treadwell
    • Email – send@heart-england.co.uk
  • Our Governor with responsibility for SEND is Mrs Lesley Markham

Heart of England believes that “all students are entitled to be valued equally, given equitable access to resources and recognised as individuals, who have strengths that can be nurtured and weaknesses that can be supported”. (LEA Curriculum Policy Statement)

The school accepts that all students have a right of access to the National Curriculum. However, for some students, who will require “learning support”, modifications may have to be made. Students who have particular talents or who are extremely able will need to be provided with opportunities for their talents or abilities to flourish.

The school accepts that a “whole-school” approach is the most appropriate way of providing for all students with special educational needs. This means that all departments accept responsibility for students with SEN and together, with the support of the Learning Support Department make provision for the needs of these students.

The school embraces the principles of the Code of Practice for the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs. This means that the school maintains a register of students with Educational Needs and provides individual education plans for pupils whose needs require a more structured approach. Students on the register are reviewed regularly with parents having a key role to play in this process.

In addition pupils with a learning need can be supported through ATLAS (Access to Teaching, Learning and Support). The suite provides a place for students to work individually, with a member of staff, outside agency or as a small group following an organised programme of intervention.

The ATLAS suite is also available at break and lunch times. There is a games and homework club where pupils can catch up on homework and play board games with other pupils. Attendance at the club is by invite only and the club is aimed at helping pupils socialise and build friendships. Our focus is on the new year 7 group however we also have pupils from all other year groups.

Finally each morning prior to registration, and with Tutor permission, during registration there is a homework club. This offers pupils access to resources and support to complete homework. This is open to all year groups.

The school has appointed one of its Governors to take a particular interest in all matters relating to SEN within the school.

Using a well-established procedure, including information from feeder schools, screening of pupils on arrival and ongoing teacher assessment, individual needs are identified. Once identified, students’ needs are addressed using a carefully staged procedure which will draw upon the help and support of the teaching staff, the parents and possibly outside agencies.

Education, Health and Care Plans

A small number of students require a statement of special educational need in order for their needs to be met. Sometimes a student will arrive at school with a statement which outlines what extra help the student is entitled to. However, in other cases, it will become apparent that the school is unable to meet the needs of a student within existing resources and at this stage the pupil will be referred to the Special Needs Office for a “formal” assessment.

Parents with particular concerns over possible special educational needs should contact the Principal or Kiran Chauhan-Treadwell, Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

If you have any SEND queries please contact your Child’s Tutor or Academic Manager in the first instance.