Homework Club and Guided Study

Homework Club

We recognise that students may need, or prefer, to work during their social time when at school. Therefore we are providing an opportunity to do this during lunchtimes in M202 from Monday to Thursday every week.

Students will be able to access a quiet, purposeful study space where they can access homework via INSIGHT, print off work, complete work on a computer if necessary (e.g. MathsWatch) and use the internet or library books to find information.

These sessions are run by the Academic Co-ordinators and there will be a calm working environment.

Guided Study

The purpose of Guided Study is to allow students the opportunity to gain extra, personalised support out of timetabled lessons.  A student may be asked to attend a Guided Study session for a range of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Missing a lesson and needing to catch up
  • Needing some 1:1 guidance on a particular aspect of their subject studies
  • Requiring some support with study and revision skills
  • Being ‘stuck’ on something and needing some help to become ‘unstuck’

These sessions are designed to be flexible for both teachers and students. A teacher may ask a student to attend, but equally students can request a session from their teachers if they require.

Depending upon the length of session required, these sessions can take place at lunchtimes or after school. If an after school session proves necessary, parents will be informed by the appropriate teacher of the date, time and reason for the session.