Proud to be Heart of England

“I’m proud to be H.O.E” was said by one of our new Year 7 students to our Principal Ms Hughes-Williams at the end of their first day and has been quoted in the assemblies delivered to all year groups this week.

On Tuesday 5 September, 230 new Year 7 students embarked on their journey at Heart of England School.  Arriving from 8:30am, students were met in reception by our Year 7 team Mrs Simpson, Year 7 Pastoral Manager and Miss Lancaster, 7 Academic Manager.  The Year 7 tutor team and a number of Year 8 and 11 students were on hand to support the new students on their first day.

The first event was their very first assembly where Year 7 were formally welcomed by Miss Lancaster and Mr Bennett, Vice Principal.  Miss Lancaster talked about how everyone would be feeling differently on their first day, some excited, some nervous, some calm and collected and that all these feelings were completely normal.

Miss Lancaster began by wondering how many of them had had photos and selfies taken that morning by proud parents/carers in their new school uniforms and the reaction suggested that there were quite a few.  “I admit that I had done that to my children too!” said Miss Lancaster.

After assembly the students spent time with their tutor when they collected timetables, had a school tour and logged on to the school computer system.  They were issued their first homework by Miss Lancaster too.

At breaktime the students were excited to be able to buy their own food and to socialise inside and outside the buildings.  At the end of break, Year 7 had a calm fire drill, being introduced to where they line up when a fire alarm sounds and talked through the school procedures for an evacuation.  Upon completion, the teachers arrived to collect the students and take them to their very first lessons.

Students experienced normal lessons which included drama, music, PE, geography and English.  “The students were keen in lessons, answering questions and excited to receive their new exercise books,” said Miss Lancaster.  At the end of the day Mr Hawkes, Assistant Principal explained to those taking the bus home for the first time how the Bus Lines worked.  Other students were dismissed to walk home or be collected from the front gate.  Miss Lancaster, Mrs Simpson, Mr Taylor and Ms Hughes-Williams were all on hand to support and talk to the students as they left.

Year 7 faced their next challenge on Wednesday 6 September, as the rest of the school returned from their summer break.  Our new students took all this in their stride, continuing to navigate their way around school confidently.  The older year groups showed our core value of Kindness and supported the Year 7s; showing them to their lessons and helping them out.  There was another assembly on Thursday, this time with Ms Hughes-Williams.  She commented on what a fantastic audience they were and how smart they all looked.

At the end of their first week, Year 7 continued to show off their magnificent smiles for their school photos!

Overall, Year 7 have accepted each and every challenge they have faced during the week with determination and courage.  “Thank you to all our Year 7 students for their excellent behaviour and for the resilience you have shown during your first week at Heart of England,” said Mrs Simpson.  “Getting used to the new routines and finding your way to lessons can be tricky and I am very proud of you all,” said Mrs Simpson.

Miss Lancaster added: “Year 7 have been fantastic this week and I hope that our students continue to be proud of H.O.E!”