Getting Involved in Rubbish!

Key stage 3 students have had assemblies on loving the area you live in by picking up litter and caring for the environment.

Led by student leaders from the newly reformed Student Council and Year 11 Prefects, the presenters outlined some of the facts around litter in the UK.  Since 1960 there has been a 500% increase in the amount of litter dropped by people.

Alison Lee, a Community Engagement Officer from Solihull Council also addressed the assembly, speaking about getting involved with looking after your local environment.  “Volunteers who’ve got involved have said things to me like. ‘I feel a sense of personal achievement’ and ‘I enjoy getting involved,’” she said.

The students watched a video extract called Why We Litter which stated that experiments show that if an environment is already clean and tidy, other visitor to the same area will also keep it clean.  “We adjust our behaviour to fit our surroundings,” the commentary says.

Heart of England students have helped out previously with litter picks in the Balsall Common area and the school have now been given kits including litter-pickers and hi-viz vests by Solihull Council.

The aim of the assembly was to encourage us to make a difference.  That way we can really begin to care for our surroundings.

Bin Sticker Competition

Visiting speaker Alison invited students to take part in a competition to design bin stickers for use on public bins.  “Use all your design skills to include a positive message using plenty of colour, text and images,” she said.  “Be innovative and creative!”

Designs should be your own work, A4 sized and handed in to Mrs Henton who will pass them on.  Tutors have all the information.  Submit your entries by 14 February 2023.