2023 GCSE Results: Steppingstones

GCSE students have been collecting their results today at Heart of England.  As they take in their achievements, choices for the future open for them and they begin to plan their way forward from here.

Student looking at exam results

Despite results being available online, a good number of students took the opportunity to collect them in person, giving the chance to chat to friends and teachers and take part in the lovely atmosphere in the hall.  Staff have reported that lots of students were thanking them for their help and support which added to the warm feeling in the room.

A good number of students are choosing to take their next steps with us at Heart of England Sixth Form and others are going elsewhere to take on the challenges that come.  Lydia, who achieved a Grade 9 in English, is pleased with her results and is looking to our Sixth Form to study English Literature, Maths, History and Biology.  “My goal is to get a degree in paramedic science and I’m looking forward to it.” she said.  “I’m staying here because the teachers are very encouraging and helpful.”

Marcus has also done well and is joining us for Sixth Form.  “I want to do Psychology, Biology and PE at Heart of England,” he said.

Two students who are moving on to other destinations are Matt and Esther.  Matt said: “I love the teachers here, but it’s off to KES in Stratford for me.”

Esther who got great results is also off to Stratford – to Stratford Girls’ Grammar school.  “Heart of England is really, really good.  The pastoral team are excellent and the leadership team are so supportive of the choices I’ve made.  I’ve decided though to make a fresh start in a new environment.  It’s exciting,” said Esther.

Other students were keen to speak to our careers advisor for additional clarification and advice and information about what possibilities are available as they move forward.

2023 Year 11 Year Book

The 2023 GCSE students have had a challenging couple of years.  Yet, despite this, they have pushed on through to make the best of the choices they have.  Year 11 Academic Manager Mr Crawford said: “These results are steppingstones.  They get you to where you need to be to place your next step.”

Our Principal Ms Hughes-Williams was deep in discussion with students and parents all morning and said how proud she was of the significant and varied achievements reflected in today’s outcomes.  “Our students have a clear sense of their onward destinations and we wish those who are not returning to us in September all the very best for the future.”

Ms Greenaway, Pastoral Manager for Year 11 also spoke to many Year 11s throughout the morning; she emphasised how proud she is of the students and their achievements and how optimistic she is about the future.  “I’m thrilled for them.  They’ve worked very hard and I really want them all to do well in the future”.