Feel the Silence

Listen to the silence.

What a strange TIME this is…but through this you can make the best of who you are and come back to school a stronger and wiser you.

Have you noticed the quiet?  No cars… more birds song and time for you to listen to your own voice.  This is the perfect time for you to begin connecting to other rhythms , of your heart beat , of inner quiet.

Really feel the silence and allow your mind to take a walk.

Allow your mind to take to you  to the furthest reaches of your imagination.  The film maker Steven King called our fears ‘The Boys in the Basement’ and he said our fears sometime stop us from daring to imagine the good things in life.

Go on.  Lie down and just follow your creative mind . It might take you to a forest… really smell the forest, notice the trees, the animals and insects, the colour…

It might take you to outer space, beyond our galaxy and to other worlds.

Notice everything. If you have some colours or a pencil you could draw or keep a diary of places your mind went to.

It’s really worth doing.  It’s both calming and energising.

Spend a few moments every day just ‘imagining’.

So lie down.  Close your eyes.  Breath in to the count of four and out to the count of four.  Totally relax.  Let go…

Have a great journey!

Speak again.

Stay well. Keep your distance. Move silently.

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