Year 9 students have started the week with some special workshops to help them ‘find their own hero’ in developing a sense of self, in confidence-building and to recognise and deal with bullying. 

Dale Vincent during a presentation

The sessions started with students gathering in the hall in three separate sessions to take part in a workshop led by coach Dale Vincent with team members Hannah, Megan and Chloe.  Dale spoke about our minds being the most precious thing we own and that we should prioritise looking after it.  Events happen during our lives and how we deal with them is all important – sometimes we need help with our mental health and taking and gaining skills to deal with things is paramount.

Dale is a former teacher who speaks to children and groups to help them develop the tools on the journey to success and happiness.  He encourages people to find true self-confidence, to be present in real social situations instead of on social media and to build resilience when we fail.

This first session for all students focused on mindset, bullying and creating a sense of self.  The crucial concept is: “to help them to understand their own identity,” said Dale.  “It’s important in understanding and dealing with ‘social dominance’ which is so manifest in social media these days.” He went on to explain that not dealing with social media bullying means the more debilitated we become.  The more we attach ourselves to the behaviour of other people, the worse it gets.

Dale Vincent with Hannah, Megan and Chloe

Things that happen to us in the course of our life can and do affect us.  They can be the triggers for some of the ways we behave.  Dale related some of the events in his own life and in the life of others which can make us more judgmental.  “Before you judge, understand their story,” he said in coming to understand not only others but ourselves.

Participant Izzy said: “The whole message was good.  Dale spoke about self-confidence which I liked and how to deal with bullies as well as how to persevere with things.”


How many nails can you balance?

During the afternoon, a smaller group of students experienced further workshops concentrating on communication, problem solving and confidence building.  Activities included balancing nails on top of one another, a taste challenge and talking about the feelings that come to mind when looking at various colours.

Each breakout group was led and facilitated by team members Hannah, Megan and Chloe.

The students moved around the activities so they were able to experience each activity on offer.  The aim of this part of the workshop was to get students to think differently and to try various solutions.

“I like it that he talked about our brain, how precious it is and I feel that I learned something about myself,” said Year 9 student Liam.  “My favourite activity was passing through the paper challenge.”

A big thank you to Dale, Hannah, Megan and Chloe for their visit and for the positive input they have had on our students.

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