Year6-7 Transition: Friday



Computer Science

In the Computer Science department we would like you to tell us about your favourite thing.  You can tell us as much as you want, or as little as a short paragraph; but you have to tell us by making a webpage, and you have to use plain html to make the webpage.

What you will need is a text editing program (there are lots of free ones for all types of phones, tablets, and computers) to open the file linked file intro webpage.html.

What you will see will look a bit like this:

There will be no colour on yours. The colour on this sheet is to help you:

  • Highlighted in YELLOW are instructions from us to you
  • Highlighted in PINK are things we want you to change
  • Anything else: leave it as it is!

You can add images, construct your website using a table, make it more user friendly with buttons, have more than one page etc, whatever you like – as long as you do it yourself and you do it with html (and not any kind of html editor that stops you seeing the html codes).

The website is really good for helping you work out the clever stuff. Do as much as you can and try to enjoy!

When you have finished get your parents to email your html file to us at with your name so we can share your wonderful webpages!

PE Challenge

Blog: Subject Focus

Every day during transition week there is a Subjects Focus post in the Transition Blog!  Today, the focus is on Computer Science and History.