Year 9 Options: Making Good Choices

Now is the time when you have to make some very important decisions regarding the subjects you will study during the next two years.  The decisions you make have important consequences, not only for your remaining school life but also for your later career.

Studying a broad range of subjects will ensure that your choice of career opportunities is as wide as possible: a balanced programme is vital.  Most employers and admission tutors look for young people with a broad general education as well as good quality grades.

It is not always necessary to have studied subjects in Years 10 and 11 in order to study them in the Sixth Form.  If you have questions or want to know more, see the teacher highlighted at the bottom of the subject information page.  It is vital for you to be as well-informed as possible to enable you to make sensible decisions.

Ask questions, listen, discuss and think carefully before making your mind up!

Do choose a course because:

  • you are good at it and think you will enjoy the subject
  • it links to a career idea
  • it will go well with your other choices
  • it will help you develop knowledge and skills that interest you
  • it will keep your options open in the future
  • you think that you might want to continue studying it after
  • Year 11
  • your research shows that it will interest you and motivate you to learn

Do not choose a course because:

  • your friends have chosen it
  • you think it will be easy
  • you think it is a good course for a boy/girl to do
  • someone else thinks that it is a good idea
  • you like the teacher you have now
  • you didn’t have time to research your options properly

Making Choices

An explanation of the choices you have to make, things to consider and where to find resources to help you.