Year 9 Options: Forms

Downloadable Forms

This year we are filling in the forms online using Acrobat PDF.  Click/tap on the links below to download the forms to your computer or phone.  You will then need to open the PDF of your device, fill it it and then send it to us using the submit button at the bottom of the form.

When you click/tap the Submit button, your normal email app will start and you can click send to email it to us.

Filling in the Options Form

How to fill it in and how to send it to us.

Taster Day Form

Use this form to tell us which subjects you would like to try on the Taster Day (Thursday 25 February).  You need to fill this in and send it to us by Thursday 11 February.

How to use this form

On a computer:

  1. If your form opens in a browser (eg Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer…) you will need to download it to the computer using the download button in the app.
  2. Go to the download folder and double click the form, fill it in and click the Submit button
  3. Your email programme will start – press send to send us the form

See the video in the sidebar to the right for an online demo.

PLEASE NOTE: This form can’t be sent from a browser!  It needs to be downloaded first, opened on your device and then filled it.

On a Phone/iPad/Tablet

  1. When you click on the button the form will download to your device
  2. Click on the Open button if is appears and fill in the form. You may need to go to the download location and open the form.
  3. Click the Submit button and your email program will start
  4. Tap Send to send it to us

Tutorial Videos

Videos to help with accessing the forms on various devices.

Computer or Laptop

Instructions on how to download, fill in and email the form on a computer can be seen in the video:

Android Phone

Instructions on how to download, fill in and email the form on an Android phone can be seen in the video:

Options Form: Available Soon!

Year 9 Options Form graphic

This download will be available soon when it is time for you to send us your choices. Watch this space!