Year 6: Introduction to our Houses

Hello again and thank you for joining me for this second Year 6 blog post.

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Today I want to tell you about our Houses at Heart of England.  I know that some of you have houses at your current schools but not everyone will know what they are and how they work.  If you look up house in the dictionary the first thing it describes is a building for humans to live in. In fact there are seven different definitions in my dictionary for the word house. The type of house I’m going to tell you about is where a group of students work together as a team and are supported by staff members who are in the same house. It’s like a family at school, with staff to support and guide you, and students in different year groups who are like older brothers and sisters who can give you advice because they have already been in Year 7.

They are called houses for historical reasons because when they were first introduced in this country it was at schools where students used to stay overnight and they lived in actual houses together.

Different schools have different names for the houses. They are sometimes named after saints, famous people, local parks or birds.  Do you have houses at your school?

Our Houses are called Apollo, Phoenix, Pioneer and Voyager. Each house has a Pastoral Manager, who like me, does not teach lessons.

  • Pioneer Pastoral Manager Ms  Lee
  • Apollo Pastoral Manager Mr  Baynes-Clarke
  • Voyager Pastoral Manager Mrs  Lydster
  • Phoenix Pastoral Manager Mrs  Holdgate
School House logos

Our job is to care for all students by encouraging them to do their best in lessons, supporting them if they need help and inspiring good behaviour at all times. We also help you to realise your own strength and ability to manage situations so that you learn useful skills as you continue to reach your potential here at Heart of England.

Harry Potter sorting hat
Apollo, Phoenix, Pioneer and Voyager ties

Some of you may have read the Harry Potter books or seen the films where the new students put on a hat which decides which house they go in. We don’t have a sorting hat here, instead I will allocate you to the house that I think will suit you best. If you have a brother or sister at the school you will be placed in the same house as them. Did you know that the tie you wear will depend on which house you are in? As well as looking very smart this will mean that you will be able to spot other students in your house as you go around school.

Merits are awarded at our school

We have house competitions during the year where you can earn merits (I will let you know about our merit system in another blog) for your house. Pastoral Managers also give assemblies and award certificates to students who are doing really well. You will get to meet your Pastoral Manager when you join us and you will often see them around school.

My next post will be about our core values of Honesty, Kindness, Humour, Courage and Determination.

Bye for now,

Mrs Yates