Year 6-7 Transition: Tuesday


Videos to watch…




Drama Challenge

For your Drama transition task you are going to create a short, funny story with the title ‘Painters and Decorators’ – this will be done either using a series of pictures or a Stop Motion App (phone or a tablet). Have a look at the linked MP4 file to get an idea of what you’re aiming for.

  • This will be in the style of a Silent Movie therefore, there will be no speech needed.
  • The story should be a comedy (things going wrong in a silly / funny way, for example paint on the head, dropping things etc.)
  • If you wanted to add music in the background you could also select a piano based track from YouTube that suits the style of your creative funny story (send the link in with your video).

You can present your story in either of the following ways

  • Draw a story board / cartoon strip – as pictured you could sketch your creative funny story into a series simple images

  • You could use household objects (e.g. teddies to be the characters) or create cardboard cut-outs and act the story out using them – you could video this or take photographs of each part of the story (just make sure you don’t get your face in the video or photo). Our Year 7 students have also been using Free Stop Motion Apps that are in the App/Play Store (Stop Motion Studio is very easy to use)

By using the above formats you should be able to attach what you have created to an email and send it in digitally – either as a photo of your storyboard or your short Stop Motion production. Please ask your parents to do this from their email address and send to

Science Challenge – Chemistry

Physical and Chemical Changes: What Happens When A Candle Is Alight?


Draw a poster to explain what changes occur when a candle is lit.

Top Tips:

  • Draw a candle like the one below
  • Label where there is a change of state happening and where there is a chemical reaction happening
  • Write down the differences between a physical and chemical change
  • Draw particle diagrams to show the changes of state

Key words:

  • burning, chemical change, condensation, evaporation, fuel, melting, physical change, solidify, wax consumer
To get level You might have:
  • Identified a physical change
  • Identified a chemical change
  • Stated if you think the change is reversible or irreversible
  • Described a physical change, using scientific vocabulary
  • Described a chemical change, using scientific vocabulary
  • Described one difference between a physical and a chemical change
  • Used key words accurately
  • Drawn simple particle diagrams and described the physical change
  • Drawn simple particle diagrams and described the chemical change
  • Explained the difference between a physical and a chemical change
  • Identified the reactants and the products of the reaction

Transition Week Challenges

We have three Science challenges you could try: one for Biology, one for Chemistry and one for Physics.

These are all topics that you will have studied at primary school and that you will study again in Year 7.

You can refresh what you have done before by going to the following links to lessons from the Oak National Academy.




Please bring you completed work into school during the week commencing Monday 6th September and pass to your tutor during registration.

Blog: Subject Focus

Every day during transition week there is a Subjects Focus post in the Transition Blog!  Today, the focus is on Drama and Religious Studies.