Year 6-7 Transition Week: Monday


Videos to watch…

Mrs Yates, our Year 7 manager welcomes our new students joining us in September

Introduction and presentation by Year 7 Manager for new Year 7 Parents/Carers


Art Challenge 1

Your challenge is to draw yourself as a superhero.

This should be a really fun task – choose any materials you like for this activity and use your imagination!  Think what your superpower would be, your superhero name and the symbol on your outfit.

If you would like to, ask your parents/carers to email your picture to Mrs Yates.

English Challenge

To prepare for the new year, we recommend that you continue to read for pleasure over the holidays.

Some ideas of what to read can be found on our website:

or on the following websites:

We recommend that you keep a reading diary over the summer and also complete some writing of your own: a diary to document this unprecedented time in history, a story of a pandemic or a poem expressing your thoughts on recent events.

Perhaps you can let Mrs Yates know which book you are reading when you speak to her.

PE Challenge

Blog: Subject Focus

Every day during transition week there is a Subjects Focus post in the Transition Blog!  Today, the focus is on PE, English and Art.