Year 12 Transition: Media Studies


If you’ve not studied Media Studies before get the GCSE Media Studies revision guide and start reading through it. There are a lot of basic key terms that you will want to catch up on:

For all, You would find it useful to get a copy of this text book, it is a guide to the first year of the course. WE WILL NOT FOLLOW THIS BOOK IN CLASS, but it is an introduction to the course which you would find useful.

Podcasts and Youtube

  • Kermode and Mayo’s Film review from BBC Radio
    A weekly podcast where the two critics give their verdict on the week’s films.

  • Media Studies A Level Podcast

These podcast are between 10 and 12 minutes long. They focus on a different media theory per episode. Good to listen to and make notes from.

  • Subscribe to Mrs Fisher’s channel and hear her discuss a range of texts and theories.

Further Activities

Use this resource to help you start to think more critically about the ways that films and TV shows are made.

  • Make a list of the most common shots used
  • Challenge yourself to watch your favourite film and TV shows more critically
  • Decide which shots have been most effective and try to describe why

Other Sites

Spend some time on any of the following news sites, comparing the content and trying to work out why the values and stories are different: