Year 12 Transition: Economics

Head Start in A Level Economics

This is an excellent free resource. It is designed to enable students in Year 11 to really get thinking critically about Economics before they embark on their A level course. This is a very good place for all students to start, regardless of whether you have studied Economics before.


You might find it useful to get the following book and start to familiarise yourself with key terms.


Tutor2u Economics Blog – keep an eye on this blog, updated daily bringing news headlines and Economics theory together. Quick to read, often short video clips or supplementary articles linked but it’s all helpful for exam technique and wider Economics knowledge.


 ‘Revise – A Level Economics by Seneca
Quick 5 minute revision podcasts that go through key concepts and theory.

 Guardian’s Today in Focus – Daily 20 min podcast covering an important news piece of the day. It links a lot of key business and economics terminology to the real world and is a way to listen and absorb something useful whilst out walking.

Further Activities

Seneca Learning

This is a free tool. It has lots of really useful insights into how to get started in learning about Economics and for those of you who have already studies Economics, there are useful revision ideas to keep the content fresh in your mind.

Daily TV

BBC Business News

A fantastic resource for keeping up-to-date with business news with plenty of insight and analysis, especially at the moment with so many businesses affected by the current situation.