Year 12 Transition: Drama

Live Theatre Online

Firstly – there is loads of live theatre being shown online at the moment which is such an amazing opportunity to see so check anything out, any exposure you get to live theatre is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from other A level students as your influences will be so much wider:

Set Texts

You will definitely study these so it is worth pre-reading them:

  • Arthur Miller – The Crucible
  • Shakespeare – Othello
  • Nick Deer – Frankenstein

Other great plays

We might study some of these but they are also just worth reading because they’re good!

  • Martin McDonagh – The Pillowman
  • Evan Placey – Girls Like That
  • Shelagh Stevenson – Five Kinds of Silence
  • Sarah Kane – 4:48 Psychosis
  • Jim Cartwright – Two
  • David Campton – Cagebirds
  • John Godber – Teechers


We will study lots of these so any research you can do on them as pre-learning will be good – lots of the more modern ones have their own websites which are great, it’s always good to search them in YouTube to see some of their performance work as a good way to get a feel for them:

  • Brecht
  • Artaud
  • Stanislavski
  • Kneehigh
  • Frantic Assembly
  • Splendid Productions
  • Complicite
  • Boal
  • Gecko

Good theatre websites