Year 12 Transition: Business Studies


If you’ve not studied Business Studies before get the GCSE Business Studies revision guide and start reading through it. There are a lot of basic key terms that you will want to catch up on

For all, ‘ The complete A Level revision guide’


Tutor2u Business Blog – keep an eye on this blog, updated daily bringing news headlines and business theory together. Quick to read, often short video clips or supplementary articles linked but it’s all helpful for exam technique and wider business knowledge.


 ‘Revise – A Level Business’ by Seneca
Quick 5 minute revision podcasts that go through key concepts and theory. 

Guardian’s Today in Focus – Daily 20 min podcast covering an important news piece of the day. It links a lot of key business terminology to the real world and is a way to listen and absorb something useful whilst out walking.

 ‘The World of Business’ from BBC Radio
Any episode that appeals, general discussion bringing business to the front of our thinking. Scroll back into the archives as it’s very Coronavirus centred at present (of course).

‘Wake up to Money’ from BBC Radio

A great daily podcast on the financial markets, business news and economic issues.

‘The Bottom Line’ from BBC Radio

Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

Catch up TV

4OD – Undercover Boss (stick to the UK episodes)
An easy piece of relaxing TV that actually sees business problems in reality and highlights the importance of key business concepts and theory.

4OD – Mary Portas Secret Shopper

iPlayer – Inside the Factory
Some episodes better than others but you are looking for one that gives an insight into how suppliers work together on mass scale to produce the products we use daily.

Daily TV

BBC Business News

A fantastic resource for keeping up-to-date with business news with plenty of insight and analysis, especially at the moment with so many businesses affected by the current situation.