Year 12 Transition: Art and Design

Year 12 Project Starting Points

Still life

From an arrangement of related subject matter which could be based upon a theme- such as personal interests, food and drink or containers and bottles, students could explore different drawing and painting outcomes:

Through the use of media and composition the similarities and differences of tone, shape colour and texture can be explored. Students should research different ways in which artists have developed this theme.


Students could explore the way artists from different times and cultures have explored this theme and look at the different qualities a variety of surfaces have to offer, creating work to exploit texture in paint and which appeals visually or in a tactile way. Sculptors often use textured surfaces within their work and a variety of materials can be incorporated into collage or mixed media work. Digital artwork can be produced to exploit qualities of light and layering.

Expressive work

Many artists use strong colours, exaggerated lines and distorted forms to express intense emotion. Students could look at the work of Munch, Bacon, El Greco, Van Gogh and Jenny Saville as well as others to explore ways to respond to an emotion or subject which evokes strong feelings.


Students can respond to this starting point in a number of ways:

Study work from different times and cultures referring to both suitable artists and craftspeople

Respond with a portrait which contrasts identity with looks – this could be a self-portrait or based upon a famous person

Produce work which focuses on the variety of visual images and sounds experienced upon a journey.