Well-Being: Stay safe. Be kind

At this unusual time, Miss Troughton our Well-Being Practitioner offers her thoughts in a series of regular posts:

To our school community

Photo Dyu Ha on Unsplash.comThis pandemic we are facing is changing our day to day lives much faster than we could ever have guessed.  While we must respect our fear and take precautions to follow government advice, each of us can CHOOSE to transform our fear into positive thought and action.  We can use this time to offer kindness and to share.  The less we are able to connect with people the more we must find ways to support each other.

If you say this each evening to yourself quietly…

‘I will allow the Light in me to shine, as I show my Light, my negativity will fade and I will see the good in others and in doing so, will give them the best version of me’

Stay safe. Be kind. Think about the others.

Mrs Troughton

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