On Thursday we welcomed all the Year 6 students who will be joining us for Year 7 in September 2022.  During the Transition Day the students met their tutors, were welcomed by the Principal and took part in lessons including English, maths and science.

The day began with a welcome from our Principal Miss Hughes-Williams which took place in the main hall.  She introduced our core values of Courage, Determination, Humour, Kindness and Honesty with a special focus for the day on Kindness.  “Today you will experience the school as it will be when you arrive in September,” she said.  “You will be Year 7 of course just as current Year 10 will be Year 11 and so on which means that all the students in school today will be here when you arrive.”

During periods 1 and 2 the students met their tutors in tutor rooms and had their first lesson.  There was also a mini tour of the school to help them find their way around during the day.

Bunsen burner lesson

In our school, lessons take place in different rooms which include science labs and other specialist spaces.  This means that students must move around from lesson to lesson and Transition Day is a good opportunity to get the hang of this.

After break, lessons continued with most students having maths and science lessons.  The science lesson was a practical lesson on how to use a Bunsen burner and control the flame safely.

Lunch time was taken early by Year 6 and they were able to use the lower yard to relax in after they had eaten.

Science worksheet

The last event of the day was the final assembly where Miss Hughes-Williams said that she was looking forward to seeing the students in their new Heart of England uniforms in September.  Year 7 Academic Manager Miss Lancaster and Pastoral Manager Mrs Yates also spoke to the students saying how much they had enjoyed the day and that staff has told them how lovely they had all been.

“I was a bit nervous to see so many new faces when I came to school this morning,” said Miss Lancaster, “and you’ve all been great today and we are very proud of you.

“We can’t wait to see you all on your first day in September!”