Update on Arrangements for Parent Governor Election

The arrangements for the election to the vacant parent governor position were in place and papers about to be distributed prior to the Easter break when the government announced that all schools were to close due to COVID-19 with immediate effect.

As a result, the trustees decided that it would not be feasible for an effective and fair election to take place, given the need to issue nomination letters and ballot papers via students. This established process ensures as complete a coverage of the parent body as possible, thus avoiding disenfranchising a significant minority of parents who do not have access electronically via Parentmail or email.

With regard to any concerns that parents are not being adequately represented, especially during the pandemic, I can hopefully offer some reassurance. There are nine non-staff governors, one is a parent governor and of the other eight, three are current parents with children in years 7 to 13 and three others are parents of ex-students. Of the latter three, two served as elected parent governors before being appointed as community trustees.

Although the voice of parents is very much in evidence that does not take away the desire to welcome another elected parent governor to the Governing Body as soon as possible.

We very much hope to be in a position to complete the election during the first part of the autumn term, assuming that there will be a wider return across all year groups in September enabling a full and fair process to take place.

Anne Lycett

Chair of Governors


June 2020


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