Three for the Price of One!

When new members of staff join us, they bring with them their skills, working practices and professionalism to the benefit of our students and other staff.  This term, we introduce our new SENDCo Mr Chauhan-Treadwell who brings a little extra something…

Since the beginning of term our new Assistant Principal for Inclusion and SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator) has taken up his post with us.  Mr Chauhan-Treadwell has joined us in his new role after rejoining the staff after he left in August 2011.


The arrival of Mr Chauhan-Treadwell has been something of a hit with students and quite a few staff as he has arrived not entirely on his own.  Two others have accompanied him: his dogs Pippa and Toby.

Increasingly our society has become more focused on well-being and mental health and we at Heart of England are committed to helping students deal with the stresses and strains of life inside and outside school.

Mr Chauhan-Treadwell said: “The dogs are a terrific help with my practice within school and aid communication with young people.  The dogs help to ground them and to assist with re-engagement with other people and with school.”

His focus in dealing with the students is to get them to re-centre and re-focus so they can engage once more with others and with the world. “Our aim is stability, to stabilise what’s going on internally so that students are better able to deal with difficult situations and with other people.”

The students have loved the dogs Pippa and Toby who are mother and son.  “The dogs are good to be with,” said Ashton, “They are so playful and I like stroking them.”

Year 9 student Giselle said, “They are really cute – I find them therapeutic and they make me feel calm.”

Our young people have been through a lot over the last couple of years and at Heart of England we strive to improve their mental health and well-being and our approach to SEND is part of our offer give them the very best we can.