This Week it’s Transition Year 6-7 Week!

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Welcome to our first ever Virtual Transition Week!

graphicVisit our Transition Page each day this week and you will be able to see assemblies, find out more about the subjects you will be learning when you come to Heart of England and have a go at some challenges set by the subject departments.  It’s all here on the website.

Each day new items will be added so don’t forget to have a look from Monday to Friday.  You don’t have to do the challenges but I would like you to try them if you can.   Some of them will really help you be ready for lessons when you come here.

We start the week with an assembly from me to you (there is one for your parents/carers too, perhaps you could let them know for me?) There will also be assemblies form our Principal, Miss Hughes-Williams and Mr Hawkes who oversees the pastoral care for you as well as making sure that everyone is safe by following the rules we have.  Miss Hoban has also recorded an assembly for those of you who may need some extra support with your learning.

Enjoy the week!

Mrs Yates, Year 7 Manager