Ten Year 7 students have had a special meeting with the Principal which included cakes and drinks to mark their achievements in coming in the top ten in their marks across all subjects.

The celebration took place during break in one of the conference rooms which was laid out with table decorations, cakes and small chocolate Easter eggs.  The students arrived and were welcomed by Year 7 Manager, Mrs Yates who said how proud she was of them all.

Year 7 Top Ten Celebration

As the students tucked into their snacks the Principal Miss Hughes-Williams spoke to them saying: “You are the embodiment of what we stand for at Heart of England; you take advantage of the opportunities we provide, you work hard and you’ve got a balance of studying hard and involvement in other non-academic activities like the school productions and music.”

At Heart of England, we often celebrate the achievements of different groups of students.  There have been celebrations of those with the most ‘excellents’ or those with high House Points and those who have done well in particular subjects or made the most progress.  This group were chosen by taking their average point score across all subjects during the recent assessments.

Whilst chatting to the students, Miss Hughes-Williams said that they had made a spectacular start to their time at Heart of England.  “You have done well and you have set out to do your best – with the mindset of champions,” she said.  “Being in the top ten though is not the end.  You need that healthy striving that comes when you know success and failure are both useful experiences.”

One of the students gave the example of Serena Williams, tennis player and Grand Slam champion.  “She doesn’t win every match but she carries on and is a champion!”

Towards the end of the conversation the Principal told the students how proud she was of them and that “you are worth the hard word you put in yourselves and the work we as a school put in.  You are assets to the school – you are of great worth!”

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