The Dreams We Dream

“The visions we offer our children shape the future.  It matters what those visions are.  Often they become self-fulfilling prophecies.  Dreams are maps.”

Carl Sagan

I suspect you are weary of repetition with regard to the unpredictable and unprecedented nature of the year that is drawing to a close.  We have all navigated exceptional challenges on this planet of ours in 2021, on a map not previously charted.

Amidst all the global, national and local issues, restrictions and last minute changes we have achieved much together.  Our outcomes and provision for students are impressive; we have seen a welcome return of our extra-curricular offer linked to DofE, sporting fixtures and rehearsals for a planned production in the New Year.  I hope that 2022 will allow us the continuity to build on the breadth and variety we offer, new variants not-withstanding.

Christmas design
2021 Christmas card design by Year 7 student

What is key to all our futures is the capacity for resilience.  Having been tried by difficulty, resilience is the ability to grow and continue to thrive.  Building resilience is intrinsic to our vision for both academic and social recovery.

A central concept that runs through the festivities associated with this time of year is hope and the light it inevitably brings.  Whilst uncertainty still abounds our values guide us even through the darkest of times and never has it been more important to be both determined and kind.  I hope that we will continue to work ever more closely together in 2022 to ensure that our communities are the ones we dream of for our children.  Thank you to all our staff and Trustees and to you and our children for working so hard to help make Heart of England the wonderful school it is.  Stay safe out there throughout the holiday, look after each other and remember, in the memorable words of one of one of our students, “you can never have too many lights”.

J Hughes-Williams