Teams Tips: What do these icons mean?

Understanding Icons

The red dot on the ‘Assignments’ tab means that there are new assignments due.

Click on this icon and they will appear

The green tick on this icon means that the assignment has been successfully sent to all students by the teacher. It does NOT mean that the assignment has been completed.

Clicking on this icon will take you directly to the new assignment for that class.

When an assignment has been submitted by a student there will be a blue tick next to it on the ‘Assignments’ tab.

The addition of a speech bubble means the teacher has sent feedback on the work.

A red dot with a number means that there are new notifications in classes – these might be new posts from the teacher, a new live lesson has been scheduled, an assignment has been set, or a file has been uploaded.

Just click on this icon to see the list of new notifications so nothing is missed.

An @ sign on the ‘Teams’ tab means there has been new activity on a class Team.

Click on the icon to access all classes – ones with new activity will have the same @ icon on them – click on that class Team to see the update.