Teams Tips: No Live Lessons?

No Live Lessons?

  • Lessons will appear in the calendar on Teams

  • Until they are accepted or declined that appear with a chevron band on left hand side

  • Right click on the meeting to display options

  • Students can Accept invite which adds meeting to their calendar

  • Decline a meeting which takes the event out of their calendar

  • Join online

  • If students ‘Decline’ the meeting it will disappear from their calendar and it appears there is no live lesson.

  • If students ‘Accept’ the banner on left-hand side turns to solid purple.

  • Teams invites also get sent to a students school email address

  • Students are able to accept or decline meetings here

  • It is worth checking their deleted items which will show if a meeting invite has been sent

  • On occasions it is worth using the ‘Recover items deleted’ if an invite has been permanently deleted

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