Teams Tips: How to see Feedback from Teachers

Types of Feedback

There are many ways that teachers are giving feedback to students whilst we are learning from home. These include whole class feedback in live lessons, individual verbal feedback in live lessons, recorded feedback and written feedback.

There are 2 easy ways to see written feedback from teachers on pieces of work that have been submitted on Teams.

Option 1:

Open the class Team and click on the ‘Grades’ tab across the top of the screen.

All assignments for this class will be listed, with due dates, and the status will inform you if the assignment has been viewed, submitted, etc.

If the status of an assignment is ‘Returned’ it means that the teacher has sent it back with feedback – simply click on the speech bubble with the + sign in the ‘Feedback’ column to see what the teacher has said.

Option 2:

When an assignment is returned to the student with feedback Teams will notify them in the ‘Activity’ tab.

Click on the ‘Activity’ tab, and then click on the notification that says an assignment has been returned.

This will take you directly to the assignment and the feedback.

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