Teams Tips: How to Help if Your Child is Struggling to Understand

Struggling to Understand Work Set by Teachers?

Teams Tips raise hand icon bar

First of all reassure your child, if they could all understand everything straight away there would be no need for schools and teachers!  It is also important for them to remember that if they were in school they would be able to see that it is not the case that they are the only one who can’t do it.

On a practical note these are the options available:

  • If it is a live lesson they could put a message in the lesson chat asking the teacher for help
  • If it is a live lesson they can put their ‘hand up’ by clicking the hand icon at the top of the call screen – this lets the teacher know they have a question
  • If it is not a live lesson they could email their teacher/and or send a message via teams
  • Sometimes it helps to move on to the next question or section of work and come back to the bit they are stuck on
  • If they have their exercise book at home they may find help inside from previous lessons or knowledge organisers

If they are still unable to complete a piece of work they should still turn in what they have been able to complete.  This way the teacher will know that they (and others in the class) need further support for that topic.

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