Suddenly Everybody Wants to be in Show Business

Bugsy Maolone performance
Bugsy Malone performance

It has been two years since the last school musical and so it is very exciting to get back into the swing of productions with the great classic show, Bugsy Malone.  Despite the last few months of absences and breaks in the rehearsal schedules due to Covid-19, at last ‘break a leg’ time arrived for three great performances.

The audition process was tough: with so much talent from the students, casting staff had really difficult decisions to make.  In the end a great cast was chosen and the rehearsals process could start in earnest.  There was no lack of enthusiasm despite the elapsed time since the last show.

“We’ve had a wealth of talent from all cast members, leads and supporting actors,” said director Mr Taylor.  “They’ve all shown great aptitude, especially those who’ve taken on more than one character,”


Dylan in the title role of Bugsy Malone
Dylan in the title role of Bugsy Malone

Skill, talent and confidence were there for all to see during the performances.  Sounding great and looking good, our cast were excellent and truly entertaining and audiences were engaged and responsive.  Our actors looked spectacular in their costumes and the story was told with rhythm and pace, backed up by assured vocals from everyone and a superb band who were also well dressed for the occasion.

Individual performances were all of a very high standard and a couple of stand-out moments came from Carys as Blousey singing a beautiful version of Ordinary Fool and Bronwyn as Tallulah singing My Name is Tullalah which was performed perfectly in character.  Also of note is a lovely and wistful rendition of Tomorrow sung by Joseph as Fizzy which certainly brought the house down.

All performances were well staged and performed brilliantly and the striking chorus numbers were very loud, confident and excellently choreographed so well done to all.


The finale of the show.
The finale of the show.

Feedback from the audience was positive and encouraging.  Emails and comments started coming right after the first show on Tuesday night.  “I wanted to send congratulations to you and the team on last night’s fantastic production of Bugsy Malone,” said one audience member.

Another parent emailed and wrote: “Congratulations to all who took part.  It really was a triumph!”

Well Done to All

Mr Taylor said: “We’d like to thank everyone who has taken part, especially the students.  The support of staff and parents/carers has been phenomenal too and it’s all helped to create a lovely opportunity for our young people.  An audience member sent congratulations ‘for creating cracking entertainment for the audience.’  We’re happy to oblige!’’

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