Subject Focus: Religious Studies

Religious Studies

In Religious Studies in year 7 you will study:

  • The Jewish Patriarchs – you will study these key men and key events that started Judaism
  • The life of Jesus – you will study key events in his life and his importance for Christians today
  • The life of Prophet Muhammad – you will study key events in his life and his importance for Muslims today
  • Being committed to a faith – you will study how Jews, Christians and Muslims join their religious communities and show their commitment to their religion
  • Religion in art – you will study how art is used in Islam, Christianity and Hinduism as part of worship and in religious buildings

You will have 3 lessons of RS a fortnight, and you will get roughly two pieces of homework every half term.

In Religious Studies we love having discussions, debates and asking questions. A typical lesson will have key knowledge quizzes; exploring key beliefs and practices in religion and their importance for religious people; a chance to consider your own views about the topic; and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and be inquisitive.

Mr Haston and the Religious Studies Department

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