Subject Focus: Maths


We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Maths Department at Heart of England. Maths at our school is fun, rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Do not worry if you find Maths difficult or if you find it very easy; we have something for everyone!

There are 6 Maths lessons timetabled every fortnight and during year 7 you will study a mixture of mathematical topics including algebra, geometry, data handling and number skills. Students will start their Maths lessons with their teaching groups and then move to set classes after the first half term. We ask that you bring the standard school equipment plus a scientific calculator to all of your Maths lessons, so that you are always prepared.

For your weekly homework we use an online platform called HegartyMaths. It will all be explained during your first few weeks with us.

We are really looking forward to meeting you all in September.

Dr Pascal and the Maths Department


Geography is the study of the interactions between people and our world – so geography is all around you!  

In Year 7 we look at some key areas where the natural world and the human world interact.  We investigate water and its importance to our lives, we look at similarities and differences between countries such as the USA and China, and think about how that can be linked to the natural world.  We also investigate how humans are changing our planet – for the better or worse!  This includes studying climate change and different ecosystems. 

We use skills from literacy, maths and science in our subject so having a range of equipment is important – pens, pencils, ruler, a rubber, a calculator and some colouring pencils are all really useful.   

You may have done some geography before at primary school but as geography is so varied we will definitely be learning about some brand new topics when you join us at Heart of England School.

Miss Swift and the Geography Team

Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen!

german flag cartoon

We are delighted that you are coming to learn at Heart of England School!

We have a wonderful language learning experience ready for you and are excited that you will be learning a language with us!

Some of the exciting things that you will be learning in French or German next term include:

  • Topics covered during the year – skills based course looking at verbs, adjectives and how to form sentences, family memebers and descriptions, freetime activities and places in your town/village.
  • How many lessons per fortnight – 6 lessons
  • What a typical lesson would be like – full of different activities which will improve your Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills in the language studied.
  • Homework – as and when necessary.
  • Equipment – we send out a general equipment list but you may wish to specify items that they need to bring each lesson. – will need an exercise book, pen, pencil, different coloured pen to make corrections, ruler and a dictionary if you have one.
  • We have set out behavior expectations generally but. clear our expectations with regard to behavior but ou may want to include items specifically relevant to your subject especially with regards to health and safety
  • Clubs in your subject and whether they are during school or afterwards
  • Competitions if applicable

We look forward to seeing you in September!

From Mr Hunton and the Languages Department