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Some of you may have some experience of Drama already; you may have been in a school play, or been part of an extra-curricular Drama group. Some of you may not have had experience of Drama at all – not to worry, we will all be starting from the same point in our Drama lessons.

In Drama we learn about new topics through experiencing them as characters – this helps our understanding. We talk a lot about opinions and world issues and through all of this you develop key life skills.

Some of you might be a little worried about Drama lessons so we want to put your mind at ease. You will never have to perform in front of the whole year or the whole school – unless you want to! You will never have to perform alone – you will always work in a group, unless you choose to do a solo piece. People won’t laugh at you – we will build everyone’s confidence gradually so that we all feel comfortable.

Some of you may be keen to get more involved with Drama outside of your lessons. You’ll be pleased to know that every year we produce a school musical that involves students from all year groups, and anyone can join in either to be part of the cast, or to be part of the backstage and technical crew. There’s a role for everyone.

We hope that this gives you an insight in to this new subject and we can’t wait to meet you!

The Drama Department

Religious Studies (RS) 

Religious Studies is a subject that you will be studying for the next five years. You do not need to be religious in order to study this subject! Religious Studies is not just about looking at the six main world religions, it is also about issues that may affect your lives as you are growing up. We look at contrasting beliefs and opinions about a variety of topics that are important to religious and non-religious communities.

On your RS journey in Year 7 you will be looking at religion chronologically, for example, from the oldest religion to modern day Islam. You will start by looking at how Judaism first began with Abraham, then how Christianity was founded and how the life of Muhammed shaped the Islamic faith. After studying the first three religions you will move onto what it means to be committed to a faith, e.g. Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the Jewish faith. In the Summer Term we look at an important question: Does God Exist? Finally we look at what religions are saying about protecting the natural environment.

You will be expected to develop an opinion that is formed from people’s beliefs and practices. We must always look at both sides of the argument. For RS you will need your basic stationery equipment and a pack of highlighters. We use highlighters when producing our own flash cards (we provide these for you) to help you revise.

See you soon!

Mr Haston and the Religious Studies Department